Avocado Caprese Salad

Avocado Caprese Salad

Avocado Caprese Salad This delightful summer salad is just a whole bowl of freshness. Avocados are full of magnesium and potassium, they’re the nutrients that help reduce blood pressure. Tomatoes are filled with lycopene and help thwart colon cancer. Arugula and basil are antioxidants and helps with anti-aging and carry anti-cancer properties. And mozzarella…protein, calcium and […]

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How To Make The Perfect Gin & Tonic

How To Make The Perfect Gin & Tonic We all have our own ideas about what makes a great gin and tonic – whether it’s Gordon’s with a slice of lemon or Masons Yorkshire Gin with a wedge of lime Now, however, the question of how to make the drink perfectly has a concrete answer. Drinks […]

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The Perfect Cucumber Sandwich

The Perfect Cucumber Sandwich Yes, we really will consider the best way to make this simple summer sandwich. I make no apologies for the fact, because, when done right, this simple classic really is fabulous. The whole point about cucumber sandwiches is that, unless done really well, they can be really dull. The cucumber Peeling […]

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Fondant Fancies – Give it a go!

Fondant Fancies- Give it a go! Whether you put fondant on your fancy or fancy in your fondant, jam in place of buttercream or miss out the marzipan, these innocuous-looking mini-cakes can be tough to get right, but we all love a challenge right! For the sponge: 225g self-raising flour 225g softened butter 225g caster sugar […]

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Decadent Layered Savoury Cheesecake – for your Cheese Board

Decadent Layered Savoury Cheesecake – for your Cheese Board Recipe We’re not prescribing exact quantities, it depends on how many you are going to serve. We used a ring mold, about 8 cm in diameter and layered the ingredients starting with the blue cheese and ending with the fig compote. We then removed the ring mold and served […]

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ORANGE, TURMERIC & GOJI BERRY BLEND WITH CHILLI This simple, delicious smoothie deserves some serious attention. And here’s why: You know how orange juice gives you that sugar rush and potentially knocks your blood sugar levels out of balance? Blended oranges are a lot gentler on your system, they release their sugars slowly – meaning […]

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We’re Open

Our new boutique cafe is open!  We’ve created a stunning and elegant environment in which to relax and enjoy a coffee.  Of course theres a wonderful selection of cakes & scones to treat yourself to. Like this:Like Loading…

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